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Welcome to Igor Baran's Music Studio - SHUSHL, your premier online destination for crafting exceptional music. Our studio operates exclusively online, bringing together artists from around the globe to create, innovate, and perfect their sound. We offer a rich palette of musical styles, tailored to suit every artist's unique vision, from the comfort of your own space.

At our studio, creativity is powered by a blend of cutting-edge technology and artistic expertise. We provide a collaborative virtual environment where artists can thrive and push the boundaries of their craft, no matter where they are.

We offer a comprehensive range of music and design services, from mastering to cover art design. To explore our full range of services and view our portfolio, please visit our work profile here.

Our contact email igorbaran@gmail.com.

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Founder, General Producer, Singer, Musician, Sound design virtuoso, crafting unique audio landscapes that captivate and inspire.



Singer, Musician, Visionary music producer with an ear for perfection and a knack for transforming ideas into chart-topping tracks.



Co-founder, Singer, Vocal production expert who brings out the best in every voice, ensuring your vocals shine.



Synths, Beat specialist, known for creating infectious rhythms that get people moving.



Musician, Singer, Mix maestro, blending tracks seamlessly to create a cohesive and powerful sound



Alex, our sound engineer, has an exceptional ear for detail, ensuring every track achieves perfect balance and polish..

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We are talented team behind SHUSHL Studio, where creativity meets technology to produce timeless music hits. Each member brings their unique expertise to ensure the highest quality production.




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